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Arbitration clauses for international contracts 2th

Arbitration clauses for international contracts 2th

This book, by a leading international arbitration practitioner, offers suggested language for every option that a drafter of an international arbitration clause may need. Following a succinct assessment of the choice between arbitration and litigation and commentary on the choices among arbitration fora and formats, the author presents an accessible how-to for drafting. While other works offer theory and a smattering of drafting tips, there is no other comprehensive collection of workable language, presented accessibly with easy-to-reference appendices. This book will be a standard reference for both in-house counsel and outside practitioners. This book provides, in an accessible format, clauses that address all the significant issues that contracting parties face, and in any event should consider, when they decide to draft a dispute resolution clause for an international contract. Those who wish immediate access to suggested language may turn directly to the Appendices. Those who wish to understand the analysis that leads to the suggested language should read the text.

2 574,- Kč
Vydavatel: Juris
Rok vydání: 2007
EAN: 9781933833064
Kód zboží: 209587